Tuesday, 24 March 2009

anomabu beach and stuff


Another sunny and very hot day in Accra.

Work has been very slow lately. The change of government, although very smooth, is really taking it's time. Most position have not yet been confirmed, and until that happens most bigwigs at the ministry will be running around trying to secure their ass.
That, in combination with the extremely vertical structure of te ministry - where nothing happens without the bigwig's signature (in the next post I'll tell you a story about my printer's toner) - results in near stall of all activities.

The bright side of this situation is that I get plenty of time to sort out things that have been on the waiting list for a while.
I finally got a car insurance for example and interestingly enough while doing that I got a hooker's number as well. Yep. I was asking about the policy to the clerk, when she made me notice that i had a friend in that office and she would introduce me to her straightaway.
So there I was:
"nice to meet you, where 'you from?"
"Oh that's very sexy (pronounced more like sessy)... Can I get your phone number?", Well, no beating around the bush, hey! she already had it from the clerk anyway.
So now I am insured against accidents and loneliness... What a laugh.

I attach pictures of the last weekend in Anomabu, a lovely and quite upscale beach somewhere between Accra and Cape Coast. This was the first trip we made with the "new" car - twelve years old, she's a small girl!
Waves and currents were too rough for surfing - plus it's kinda hard without a board - but it was good enough for bodyboarding, we had a really good time.

The hungry birdo.

He didn't last long

The bar terrace

Our bungalow
Our small friend Arthur, lives in our living room is just about 3 cm long and has very dirty feet.

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Caro Michele,oggi, giorno di Pasqua, siamo qui con nonna, Virginia e Vittoria
ti mandiamo tanti auguri e tanti abbracci anche a camilla